Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Peanut on staying in LCK: “After such a disappointing performance at 2018…I wanted to regain LCK’s fame”

Wang “Peanut” Han-ho has decided to stay in LCK for another year. Despite rumors and speculations of Peanut moving to a Western region such as LEC or LCS, on November 24th Gen.G announced that the team has signed with the top-tier jungler. In his Twitter statement, Peanut explained the reason behind his decision to stay in Korea for another year.

“Hi everybody! I was really considering to move to a foreign league after this season but after such disappointing performance at 2018, I wanted to regain LCK’s fame and recover from the painful memory of MSI. So I ultimately decided to stay in Korea.

I’m honored to join Gen G! Please keep cheering for me as I will once again, as always, try my best for a better year at 2019. Thank you and see you at All Stars <3″

Earlier the day, Gen.G released a video of the announcement of Peanut joining the team. In the video Peanut stated, “Biggest reason for Gen.G LOL is that I wanted to stay and play in LCK”. As of his personal milestones in Gen.G, Peanut said, “The team has never won an LCK before, and my short-term goal is to win an LCK title during my term in the team. As of the long-term goal, I’d like to win Worlds, of course.”


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