TheShy regarding his match against G2 Esports: “For the second game, our opponent [G2 Esports] picked weird champions”

TheShy after their match against G2 Esports. Image Source: Riot Games

We will be talking with TheShy, who has won his recent match against G2 Esports. Congratulations on your victory. Tell us how you feel.

TheShy: I made a lot of mistakes in the first, which is a shame, but then in the second game, it was a bit of a struggle early on, but in the end, it worked out well for us.

You said you made a lot of mistakes in the first game. Can you tell us what kind of mistakes it was and what sort of feedbacks there were regarding that?

TheShy: Since the draft was different in both games, in the first game, the call was to give our opponents champions they were confident in, and they did well with it. For the second game, our opponent [G2 Esports] picked weird champions, which I think brought this result.

You said they picked weird champions, and they did pick some unusual things, with top Vayne and bottom lane Neeko. What was it like facing off against Vayne in the top lane?

TheShy: I see it in Solo Q sometimes. I think it’s a winning matchup for Akali, so I just played without worrying too much even when I was dying.

In the interview before the match, you said you were worried about G2 that was looking for revenge in MSI. However, your plays today were highlight worthy. Are you satisfied with your performance today?

TheShy: When I died by the inches in the top lane, my W skill was close to being up at the time. If you remove that bit, I am satisfied overall.

Tomorrow you will be playing against SK Telecom T1 and Team Liquid. Many have been hyped regarding your matchup against Khan. Can we hear any words beforehand?

TheShy: I am quite friendly with Khan. However, after going back to Korea, it seems he hasn’t been playing as aggressively as before. I hope in tomorrow’s match, we play carry vs carry in the top lane.


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