Monday, November 11, 2019
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SB Ghost on the team’s surprise picks: “We are not biased against rotating champions to different lanes.”

Congratulations on your first LCK victory! You must be so happy right now after beating Gen.G.

We’ve been having good results in practice. We thought that as long as we do as well as practice we will win. Gen.G was an opponent that we really wanted to defeat, and it feels good to win against them today.

You took Kalista for a strong lane phase. Was it a pick that you had prepared for?

We had prepared Lucian as a counter pick for Galio. We’ve prepared for so many pocket picks. Some of them you’ve seen today, but we have many more picks to come.

In the first game, you gained an early game advantage by snowballing fast. When were you sure that you had the victory at hand?

It was at mid lane; Peanut jumped in then we won the following teamfight. When we did, we were sure that we had the game.

The second game’s pick and ban was very interesting. You took Darius top, support Galio and AD carry Viktor! Can you tell us more about these picks?

We are all confident in our champion pools, and we are not biased against rotating champions to different lanes. As for the Darius pick – the top laner, Summit, really likes Darius and there was an opening to pick him.

Again, congratulations on the victory. In an earlier interview, you mentioned that you wanted to beat Ruler some day. How does it feel to finally beat him? Can you give us any final words?

It’s my first time winning against Ruler, and that feels good. I’ll also beat Deft of KT Rolster and become the number one AD carry in the world.


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